Seldomo's Saturday Morning

by Seldomo

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The Bodega-Big favorite-Is that a Rolling Oak production? Favorite track: The Bodega.
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The audio in these recordings attempts to capture and recreate the average Saturday morning for the elusive Seldomo. At dawn, a bird softly pulls its spirit from the depths of its dreams, and brings its consciousness back to its immediate surroundings. Seldomo picks up his feet and stumbles to the nearest bodega, where he contemplates capitalism while enjoying reasonably priced consumer goods. On the walk home, he passes a chapel, well kept and cleanly. Surrounding the steps are homeless people, all with signs explaining how they got there, through various strikes of misfortune. Walking on, the realities of life start to hit Seldomo as he walks beneath the rattling tracks of the subway. When he finally reaches home, however, he is greeted by his love and all is well.


released August 30, 2016

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Corrado.

Thanks Eric Lahti, and Eric Sa for the sound design help on track 1, and for your opinions during mixing and mastering. Thanks again Sam Yannotti for the inspiration and help during the mixing process. Thanks to everybody who's listened or supported me this far.



all rights reserved


Seldomo Queens, New York

Sometimes I try to let every thought pass as it enters my mind. Thoughts are like branches, always attached to the prior one. If you stop expanding the branches, it leads you closer to the roots.

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Track Name: The Bodega
In the morning I don't feel well
I've only got a dollar seventy five to spend
I'm going down to the bodega
I'm going down to the corner store

I got a loosie and a cup of coffee
Picked up the paper but the comics weren't very funny

The bodega can be great when you don't have that much to spend
Just find whatever change you've got, stumble in and find a friend
that owners black cat is sitting
over by the beer by the end of the hall

Sometimes I wonder the investment just to open up show
cigarette and liquor licensees to ward of the cops
and a new crowd's been slipping in
rent is steadily going up
oh yeah, at the bodega
Track Name: Pristine Chapel
The chapel was a dream
to keep it nice and pristeine
they close the doors at night
before the moon's on high

as beggars walk on
charity's lonely song
spills out of the stained glass
through the waves of air

"but we can't give back till after we rebuild"
it's a complicated modern divine will
Track Name: Bullet Train
Hit me like a bullet train
won't be coming back again
I guess I lost it like a runaway train

Sitting in the pouring rain
stop and contemplate our fate
i guess it hit me like a bullet train

hanging by the young great dame
I feel it coming back again
I guess the rambling tracks gave way
I lost it like a runaway train

Hit me like a bullet train
won't be coming round again
i guess i lost it like a runaway train, yeah
lost it like a runwaway train
wont be coming round again
i guess the rambling tracks gave way
lost it like a runaway train

oh yeah,
Track Name: My Love
My love, she makes me question
the kinds of lessons that I've learned
and all the bridges I left burned along the way

She keeps me holy
and stays beside me while I weep
she lets me know I need not speak when I'm uneasy

My love abhors deception
the kind that questions what we know
and pushes down all of the hopes
to save the planet we all know and love as our home