Who the Fuck is Seldomo?

by Seldomo

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Today the streets sweat heavy
And the buildings watch my commute
And nervous shuffle
From store to store
From story to story
Through boroughs I change my tune
Through seasons I shout my name
I am what I always was:
Just a watcher
In this strange city

-Paul Ski

These songs aren't about me. They're largely written about the people I've met along the way from where I started. For that reason, if you're still confused about who exactly Seldomo is, it's quite alright.


released April 30, 2015

Music written and recorded by Michael A. Corrado with the help of:
Sam Yannotti - co-engineer, co-producer, guitar fills on songs 3,5,6
Lindsey & Janise Lazarte (of Until Love) - backing vocals on songs 3,7
Veronica Chavez - vocal accompaniment on song 1
Billy Mcfeely - organ on song 3

Artwork by Matthew Burbridge (Mburbridge26@gmail.com)

Editing and formatting by: Alexander Corrado



all rights reserved


Seldomo Queens, New York

Sometimes I try to let every thought pass as it enters my mind. Thoughts are like branches, always attached to the prior one. If you stop expanding the branches, it leads you closer to the roots.

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Track Name: Bad Luck
I found a mountain that I have to cross
'Cause I've been chasing that old albatross
I'm gonna put it in a soup
If only for the bad luck

And as I'm drinking at the bar tonight
Somebody sees a black cat walk by
I'm gonna find that feline friend
I'm gonna readjust my path

Then lay down in a patch of tall grass
Until I find a mirror I should smash
While these things may intimidate the fool
I found you
It's true
I love my bad luck!
Track Name: Patron Song
He was the patron saint of sleeping in
And heading out mad late at night
Getting drunk and getting in fights

I took a bullet to the chin for him
Following ill-made plans
I wouldn't do the same again

Don't try to comprehend that pain
He's got his own dark road
And you've got the same thing

The gutters running with my blood these nights
The rain don't wash that right
The streets remember every fight!

(Took a bullet to the chin for him)
Track Name: Soldano
Got to the show
Bout an hour ago
Didn't know any faces in the crowd

Found the bar
Grabbed a beer, it's time to start
Hoping to make some friends before the night gives out

I forgot the words to that ⋓⋔⋕⋖
The last time they asked me to sing along with it
That's alright I guess I'm out to the lawn

Some strange soul
Sings of a Seldomo
Somewhere lurking down by 14th st.

A sewer rat
Grown up in the city
Sings "The maze gets tough, but I stay in it for the cheese"
Track Name: Muridae
I fell asleep smoking hashish
Left bread out on the mantelpiece

As I lied, right by my side
Snuck a Muridae, like a thief in the night!

Although you're tiny white and soft
I'm up to booby-trap the loft

Though I do respect your kind, Muridae

Track Name: Leaving the City of Light
By dawns early light
I caught a morning ride
Headed north from the center of the city of Light

Into the thick we drove
Guided by beaten roads
Serenaded by the wind rushing past the window

The air was so cold
Our futures untold
Track Name: Fine
Bit the cork, then he stormed through the door
And emptied our suitcases out on the floor
Into this house, we've inherited now
That our loved ones have fled from this realm

Pucker up - to an Old English love
And spin like the hands on the grandfather clock
Sinner and saint, seem like one and the same
In the wake of those rippling graves

Don't get caught in that
Train of thought
You'll be swallowed by the lie
If you'd spend some time with me
I think I might be just fine
Track Name: Before
Noel, do you remember those sundays
When we would walk our way down by the highway
And talk until our ears fell off
About the menthol and the bruises we got from work
Down the pivot where the sidewalk ends
I was hoping you would reach out and touch my hand
With whiskey fresh on our breaths
Hoping to fall in love before we simply sobered up

What have we learned since then?
Have we learned anything?
Since before

Colleen, do you remember that one dream?
Think we were smoking on a spliff when you told me
About the lion walking through those flames
Burning bright but just staring back, gently
A pendant hung from it's great mane
Something inscribed that you couldn't quite read
Behind it was a holy beating
You said there had to be a deeper meaning

What have we learned since then?
Have we learned anything?
Since before